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Africa Sexxx

Featuring: Africa Sexxx and J.T.
Date: 09/01/2009
Duration: 20:15 min.
Africa's a horny cocktail server in a nightclub? Serving up her tail for cock. You cannot beat that! What a hottie she is! In this scene from Busty Cream Team, Africa teases big cock with her gorgeous body and big tits, then gives it up in full. The cock goes up Africa's ass in an unforgettable video. "A lot of people don't want to see me with guys," Africa said. "They've explained to me that they like to see themselves with me in their minds and if there's a guy in the picture, it ruins the fantasy for them. But then another group loves to see me in hardcore. You know, when I think about doing a hardcore boy-girl video, I think to myself, 'What are you doing having sex on camera?' It's so strange doing something so personal and private in front of a camera for all these people to watch. But once the camera starts rolling, I really get into it. Sometimes I forget the camera's even there.".
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