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Audrey Maxx: Pool Hustler, Cock Handler

Featuring: Audrey Maxx, J Mac, and J.T.
Date: 07/06/2011
Duration: 16:31 min.
Audrey, an exotic 40something with a husband and son at home, is out for a night on the town, showing off her sexy side. Audrey's playing pool with a couple of young guys, and they think they can hustle her. "If we beat you, you buy us drinks for the rest of the night," one of them says. "And if you win, we'll buy you a bottle." "If I win, how about when I win..I'll tell you what I want," Audrey says. Well, two against one seems unfair, but much to the guys' surprise, Audrey clears the table. "So, I get to tell you what I want now," she says. "You're two cute boys. I think I'd like to have you both at the same time." They fill her mouth, they fill her pussy, doing much better with her fuck holes than they did with the holes on the pool table. She jacks both of them onto her face. Two against one? Unfair.
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