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Brandy Turns That Frown Upside Down

Featuring: Brandy Smith and J Mac
Date: 05/18/2011
Duration: 15:48 min.
Guy is sitting at a bar. Woe is he! He's having a bad day when Brandy walks over to where he's sitting. She's wearing a short dress and a sexy top. This guy's bad day is about to get a whole lot better. "Is the drink helping any?" Brandy asks, smiling. "Not at all," the dude says, although he seems to be smiling some. "Maybe I can make you feel better," she says. Right there? At the bar? She starts rubbing his crotch. Is she a hooker? Nope, she's a MILF who loves picking up young guys and sucking their cocks. Fucking them, too, of course.
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