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Booty Call #2

Featuring: Christy Marks and J Mac
Date: 04/25/2010
Duration: 24:31 min.
Normally a real chatterbox, Christy Marks is very quiet this time until her pussy is stuffed with big cock. Then she explodes like a fireworks factory when someone tosses a cigarette. This is partly a POV coupling with lots of hands-on tits action that puts you in the driver's seat. Christy and booty call companion bang very vigorously. There's hot, energetic pile-driving action, a difficult position that the extremely flexible and limber Christy can easily handle. When Christy bangs, step back and give the little lady some fuckin' room. No wonder she was voted SCORELAND's #1 Best of the Decade. She gives 200% in everything she does.
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