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Meet Ivy Darmon

Featuring: Ivy Darmon
Date: 11/15/2009
Duration: 20:01 min.
Making her debut in November '09 SCORE, beautiful Ivy Darmon isn't fluent in English but she doesn't have to be with us. Her body and bodacious boobs say it all. This is Ivy's first video. To start things off, our SCORE reporter tossed a bunch of bras at Ivy which she deftly caught. Observe her bra-hooking technique. She hooks the band in front of her, then slides it around to get the cups into positioning for placement. The first bra is way too small. The second bra is ridiculously small. The third bra looks like they got it from an 18eighteen model! Ivy interrupts her bra try-outs at intervals to rub her heavy-looking tits and nipples. She definitely knows what breast-men want to see.
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