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"I Turn Myself On"

Rating: Unrated
Featuring: Leena Lane
Date: 03/03/2011
Duration: 12:11 min.
Leena steps out of the house to get naked and raunchy at poolside. Now this is the kind of woman we have a lot of respect for. Before she can really get going, a helicopter shows up overhead and buzzes Leena. When she pulls out her huge pussy tool, a siren goes off. Did everyone know she was going to masturbate and talk dirty on cunted camera? That vibrator she screws into her pussy is almost as loud as the helicopter. The Kansas City artist says she likes to see a man jack off for her. She's asked guys to jerk while she watches. "I'm fascinated by guys jerking off. Sometimes I rent DVDs of that. But it's better in person so I can get their cum and swallow it down my throat.
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