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Private Morning Ritual Part 1

Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: 10/31/2010
Duration: 19:15 min.
What goes on behind the closed doors of a lady's bathroom? Go where no man has gone before as our cameras hang out with Natalie Fiore and record the mysteries of her private rituals. Natalie is our guide to every step and beyond in her feminine preparations. She's so sensational in body and personality with tremendous erotic talents and the horny vocal talents that would make a phone sex operator jealous. She knows what to say to excite the male member and how to say it in her sexy exotic accent! After her slow, sexy bath and depilation, Natalie's skin is as soft and as smooth as vanilla velvet. Her body is heaven-sent. Now Natalie's ready for her after-bath ritual which we will see in part two next month. .
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