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Bad, Busty & Butt-Banged

Featuring: Johnny Champ and Sabrina Linn
Date: 01/13/2012
Duration: 19:15 min.
Sabrina Linn has porn star written all over her. No pun intended. If there's anyone who seems ready, eager, willing and capable of becoming a mega-porn star, Sabrina is the one. The tats, the piercings, the huge tits, the slim body. This is not the SCORE Girl-next-door. This is Barbie gone nasty and bad. We don't know if Sabrina will become a porn star or if this is just a personal fantasy fulfillment. Time will tell. It would be no surprise if she does. But let us tell you, this real-life MILF is totally into the man-pole and totally into sex.
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