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Pumping The Plumper

Featuring: Angellyne Hart and Steve Q
Date: 08/19/2011
Duration: 20:16 min.
"Pumping The Plumper" opens with Angellyne Hart decked out in Valentine's Day lingerie. But she's alone. What's the story? On this evening, Angellyne is in the mood but she doesn't want a masturdate. She wants a real meat-cock with a guy attached to it, not a cold plastic "massager." She calls a dude she knows on-line from a chat room and it's not to give him phone sex! No, Angellyne wants this booty call over and fast for some old-fashioned action for her boobs and pussyhole. "Hi, do you remember me?" she asks her friend. "We exchanged some emails recently. I just wanted to tell you that I'm home, by myself. I'm here all alone, and, yeah, how about coming over?" Angellyne doesn't like to waste time. She is direct. To the point.
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