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Deep-Throat Country Girl

Featuring: Asia Cherri
Date: 12/10/2009
Duration: 19:38 min.
At first glance, Asia looks like your typical girl-next-door. She's young and from a little country town in West Virginia. "I'm a little country girl," she tells us. But, you know, life can be slow in those country towns, and a girl has to find things to do for deep-throat cocks. "I suck dick really good," she says, giggling. "I can deep throat. Wanna see?" Yeah, we wanna see! Asia proceeds to down a very large, thick dildo. She even gags on it, giggling afterward. Then she shows off her tits, ass and surprisingly gaping pussy. She fucks her young, slut cunt with the thick dildo while rubbing another toy over her clit.
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