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Christina Catches Man Jerking Off: News At 11

Featuring: Christina Cross and Levi Cash
Date: 02/22/2011
Duration: 19:24 min.
A man's greatest fear? Not bankruptcy. Not a serious health issue. Not job loss. No, it's being caught jerking off by a bitch of a wife or a live-in significant other. Christina Cross comes home from work to find her dumb-ass, lazy husband yanking his meat into her pantyhose on her expensive couch while he eyeballs a hot video. But it's not that bad because Christina is no ordinary bitch! She's a hot bitch too. Christina rails at him, telling him that if he loves the scent so much, then smell her feet after a day at the office! She sticks her high-heeled foot in his face. Christina then gives him an aggressive foot-fucking right then and there. Worked up into a frenzy, they fuck all over the living room like maniacs! He fucks her on the couch, and fucks her on the coffee table. That'll teach him.
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