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Fudgepackin' With Claire Dames

Featuring: Claire Dames and Commando
Date: 11/27/2009
Duration: 23:28 min.
Now here's a busty, pretty girl who quickly became an anal queen because of her love of ass-drilling. Very few girls ride cock in their assholes like Claire Dames rides cock in her ass. You'll see that shortly! Claire is upset as our story unfolds because she's been denied admission to her choice of college. She's complaining to you, a minor clerk, about her rejection but you can't take your eyes off her tiny, tight top wrapped over big, juicy jugs. You keep telling her you can't help her. Who in his right mind would say no to this girl about anything? A gay dude? Claire's a girl who won't take no for an answer and she's happy to use her considerable assets to accomplish her goal. The American Way! She scratches your back, you scratch her back. She gets on your desk and plays her little game, but when she strokes your fly, she wins. You feel her soft tits. Game over for you! You will get fired for this if anyone sees you but you can't help it.
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