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Even Anal!

Featuring: Erica Lauren and Carlos Rios
Date: 12/24/2008
Duration: 20:36 min.
Here's the video version of Erica Lauren's first anal scene for 40Something, and we'd like you to take note of a few things. First, it's obvious that Erica is a very pretty, sexy 40something, but if you saw her in the store--picking out, say, a zucchini or a cucumber for that night's dinner--would you ever think she was a porn star? No, you wouldn't. But she is! An anal porn star, no less. Second, check out how easily Erica takes that cock in her ass. Now, as our stud told us, Erica has a tight ass. But her asshole functions almost as a second pussy, accommodating that cock with no problem. You know how some women say anal is painful. They should ask Erica. "Anal isn't painful," Erica said. "It's pleasurable." Take it from Erica.
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