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Tan-Lined Tits And An Ultra-Pink Pussy

Featuring: Gia Jones
Date: 12/24/2009
Duration: 15:32 min.
Gia Jones, a 19-year-old, long-haired brunette who was born in Peru and lives in Miami, shows up at our door wearing a blue tank top and jeans. "I'm here for the interview," she says. "We do our interviews in the nude," our videographer tells her. "Is that okay with you?" "That's fine," Gia says. She takes her top off and reveals a cute, perky pair of tan-lined B-cup tits. There's almost an all-over tan elsewhere. Then she tells us that she likes her tits because they're not too big, not too small, and she loves her pussy, too. But she doesn't like other girls' pussies. Just her own. She likes cock.
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