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I Dream Of Harmony

Harmony White - XXX video
Our Queen (Harmony White in one of her two hard SCORE videos) is hot. Beads of perspiration form on her lovely royal knockers. But air conditioning hasn't been invented yet so she uses an ice cube to cool down her hot tits (that are eye-poppingly huge!). Harmony's slave fans her the old-fashioned way. Things are about to get a lot sweatier when she reaches for the object that will bring her a great deal of pleasure.

"I wish I had a hard man to please me," says Harmony as she strokes her magic lamp with a soft hand. Pleasing Harmony won't be hard considering how sexy she looks. Her genie appears from wherever genies hang out and is ready to serve her every need. What self-respecting genie would not wish to serve this hot piece of ass? "Your wish is my command," her magic man replies. He knows what busty Queens need.

He works his way first to Harmony's royal pussy and licks and sucks her gorgeous, damp pussy and clitty, then advances to her massive mountains to suckle upon her…

Member Comments

8 years ago 
Very sexxy, Please keep bringing Harmony White back...
8 years ago 
sexy costumes,very nice

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