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Detroit 44-30-36

Featuring: Janet Jade
Date: 01/07/2011
Duration: 12:58 min.
Janet Jade is just like any healthy, young, super-stacked Michigan citizen. She rollerblades, watches movies, and likes to have fun. We've urged her to move to Miami and get away from the deep freeze there but it's not easy getting Detroit out of the girl. She does like Miami though. "I love the warm weather, but I'm from Detroit where it's very cold, and I don't like that. The warm weather is better. I get to wear less clothes, too, which is good. I don't like covering up my body so much." We don't like her covering up her body either! One of our cameramen chats with Janet and before long, she's putting on a toy story! She really knows what she's doing!
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