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Cocktail Server Kaitlin Klien Serves Cock

Date: 11/24/2009
Duration: 17:12 min.
Regular members will remember the Texas charmer Kaitlin Klien from her early appearances a few years ago in XLGirls #110 and #128 and an interview/toy play video. In this scene from Brick House Brawds, Kaitlin makes up for not doing a hot scene with a dude the first time she visited our hallowed halls of hooters. Kaitlin is a voluptuously rounded cocktail server, serving this cock her tail at a retro-swanky nightclub. More than a nightclub, a man can get a big, hot piece of tail at this joint and Kaitlin is happy to get pushed over and bent over. In fact, she's more aggressive than her new friend JS is. Her suction-pump sucking, as strong as swimming pool suction, gets him turgid and swollen in less than a minute. She's one of those girls who likes to make a lot of noise when she gives a guy a blow job. She's very obedient and has a filthy mouth so when JS tells her to slow down, she instantly obeys, licking it like a lollipop and coating it with her mouth juice. After a terrific cocksucking, Kaitlin wants to be tit-fucked. With tits like hers, she must be tit-fucked by every guy she dates.
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