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Nurse Big Tits

Featuring: Kitty Lee and J.T.
Date: 04/26/2016
Duration: 17:28 min.
"Wearing a nurse's costume and acting like one has always been a fantasy of mine," Kitty Lee wrote. "Personally I don't like having to go to the doctor but I get off on the idea of being a nurse and fucking my patients. I've play-acted a nurse in my bedroom with boyfriends and always got into the whole fantasy of it. Another fantasy is the doctor I work for fucking me in his exam room..which goes on in clinics in real life." When a nurse-patient shoot was scheduled, Kitty came to mind. Kitty took to nursing her patient's meat-ax like she's been involved in health care her entire life. This poor man had his scalp run over by a lawn mower. Fortunately, his genitals function perfectly. Kitty could be a nurse in real life because she can handle old geezers. "An old, old man, about 80 years old walked up to me and squeezed my tits and said 'Oh, those are natural. Now I don't need Viagra.' That was the funniest thing ever.
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