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Bronzed and Beautiful

Featuring: Leah Ray
Date: 03/10/2011
Duration: 13:52 min.
Leah Ray from the Bronx, and now a Fort Lauderdale, Florida girl, was a restaurant hostess, but now she's a hottie exotic tits-and-ass jiggler. She has a gorgeous face, beautiful big tits and a sweet body. Leah is so fucking hot. A cheerleader in high school, Leah loves watching college football and major league baseball, going to the beach, wearing bikinis and boy shorts, shopping and driving. She likes tall, white or Hispanic dudes with a sense of humor. Her tongue is pierced, a sure sign of excess horniness. "I masturbate a lot when I don't have a guy I can call and come over to fuck me. I know I've cum good from a toy when I get tears in my eyes. I try to get as much good cock as I can. I've had threesomes with my friend and her husband.

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