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The Case of the Topheavy Tomato

Featuring: Maggie Green
Date: 02/27/2018
Duration: 20:58 min.
Maggie Green invokes the classic 1940s glam girl..updated with modern self-pleasuring as she lets her fingers do the walking and the talking. Maggie could be Sam Spade's secretary, keeping busy at the office while he's out on a case. Maggie explained how she got into baring her body. "I went to Eastern Michigan University. I got my degree in film, and then I decided I wanted to be in production and maybe try some acting. So after college, I headed out to Hollywood. I thought I might want to be an actress, but when I got there and started doing production work, I didn't like the whole atmosphere. I didn't like standing around for 20 hours at a time not knowing when I was going to be done with work, but I liked California so I stayed there. "I started bartending. At one point I had an office job.
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