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Delicious Peaches

Rating: Unrated
Featuring: Peaches Gordon
Date: 01/18/2011
Duration: 13:26 min.
If Peaches could date herself, she would. As a fan of self-gratification, Peaches enjoys rubbing one or two out with a Doc Johnson appliance, so we asked her to put on a pussy pounding party for a video, which she does here in a very sensual, almost artistic manner. Peaches' favorite activities are sex, masturbation, shopping and talking on the phone with her girlfriends. When she masturbates, she thinks about being fucked hard by a guy who dominates her. Peaches doesn't photo-model much. She's an exotic dancer and rides the brass pole in south Florida. "I like to see the look in a guy's eyes that tells me he wants to have sex with me. Then I'll dance sexier in front of him. Guys who pretend to not be interested as a challenge don't know me. I like interested men.
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