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Shar's PPP Superdanglers

Featuring: Shar Nitzapanus
Date: 05/29/2018
Duration: 16:28 min.
"Someone's always commenting about my breasts," Shar said. "I try to block out the negative things. I think it's hilarious for someone to cut someone else down when they don't know them as a person. "In this economy, if someone has a commodity that they can make money off of then that's a good thing. Originally, someone told me about glamour modeling so I took some pictures and sent them out. Soon enough I was modeling for different places and I was like, 'Hey, this isn't such a big deal.' I think that if you can be aware of your sexuality and be free you'll be happier. And it was only because I took off my top and said, 'I have big tits!' "Instead of being ashamed of having big boobs I decided to just enjoy them. And then there were people that totally liked the fact that I had big boobs. Everything just fit and I felt comfortable with what I was doing. "I realized that I love posing nude and that I want to share my body with people who like what I have to offer.
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