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The Pussy Snatcher

Featuring: Geovanni Ramos and Sierra
Date: 09/23/2010
Duration: 19:15 min.
Sierra is an 18 year-old farmer's daughter living out in the country with her tough-guy father. (Mom left with a traveling salesman.) Her dad is leaving for the night to hit the saloon and he warns Sierra not to go out past her curfew. He also tells her he doesn't want her mixing with a Latin guy that's been hanging around his precious daughter. She promises him that she'll obey. Sierra is going to follow his first command and stay in. The second command she's already broken because the dude is hiding under the bed. When pop leaves, he springs into action. Sierra is too hot for his hung dick to even wait until she hears Pop's truck leave or to make sure he hasn't forgotten something and comes back. Her suitor licks her creamy slit to warm her up, then pounds the fucking shit out of her country cooze in as many positions as he could find in the porn book he studied. She'll be begging him not to stop.
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