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Siri - Solo video
Meet Siri. She's new to SCORELAND. Siri will guide you on the way to a big-boob happy ending. If you're thinking this snow-white, creamy-skinned blonde is of Scandinavian background, her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota confirms it. "I'm a very sexual girl," says Siri. She's got Swedish heritage and Siri is short for Sigrid. "I have a variety of sex toys, dildos and vibrators. I've been an avid masturbator for a while. Now my husband usually watches and helps when I'm going at it." Siri is only 23 and, with her wholesome, fresh face, looks like a coed. Except this coed is majoring in advanced sexology with a hands-on approach. "I would say that my kinkiest moment so far was trying to be a sex slave for a while" Siri said. "I folded the guy's laundry naked and did some other weird stuff. It was erotic but I found out pretty quickly that it just wasn't for me." Don't most wives do the laundry naked? Siri, you can take us for a spin cycle anytime you want. Welcome to SCORELAND, Siri.…
Featuring: Siri
Date: February 24th, 2012
Duration: 34:03

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