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Ask Siri How Deep She Likes It

Featuring: Siri and Juan Largo
Date: 04/13/2012
Duration: 27:18 min.
What SCORE Men say about Siri: "A star in the making. This girl is gorgeous. Love her curves. And that smile, wow. I think she's going to give Leanne Crow a run for her money for most beautiful smile in SCORE mag." "My God, what a beautiful girl! Just when I think you've come up with all of the perfect bodies you can you spring another one on us. Great smile, amazing body, creamy white blemishless skin. I'm sure this is the ultimate. Until next week. I'm wondering if there's a little touchup done on the video. It doesn't seem to me that such perfection can be natural." "Her body is built for hard sex!" "Siri is the hottest model you've got going! The more of her, the merrier for the rest of us! Thank you for discovering Siri!" Siri is a beautiful swinger from Minnesota who dove into the adult pool with the grace of a swan.
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