The Girl In Room 38G

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Fifteen minutes alone in a room with Taylor Steele? We'd want fifteen hours if we could get it! 15 days. The fact is, there's no such thing as enough already with a girl like this! A guy wants more, more, more. Those yellow bra and panties in this vid and in her November '10 V-Mag layout holds the precious treasures SCORELAND Guys love so dear. Is Taylor a horny young beauty? She is indeedy-do. 'I'm always initiating sex and after sex, I'll initiate it again and again!' says Taylor who just looks horny no matter the time, the place or the occasion. 'I'm very sexually assertive. I get what I want. I'm satisfied best when a guy dominates me. I do like to have an emotional connection with a guy so when he tries to befriend me first...that's what gets me. Sexy to me is when a man cums inside me. My perfect day involves lots of sex in every possible position. The worst thing a man can say to a girl is 'No more sex.'' Anyone who would even think of saying that to Tayor...well, that guy would need his head examined!

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