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How Does Tyler's Garden Grow?

Featuring: Tyler Stevens
Date: 03/08/2011
Duration: 12:37 min.
Tyler interrupts her gardening to find a spot behind the house and masturbate naked. The neighbors have no clue. "Sometimes it's easier for a girl to just play with herself," Tyler says. "I mean, I actually had a huge crush on my mailman! He was in his '40s and in great shape. When I knew it was time for his delivery, I always got naked and opened the blinds so he could see me. I used my toys and he would see me! We were going to set up a date 'cause obviously he couldn't fuck me during his rounds. But his wife got suspicious somehow and nothing ever happened! He chickened out and now I have a new mailman and I'm not attracted to him. So a lot of times it's easier to masturbate and get things out of my system. Like I'm doing here! I'm thinking of going on a computer dating site and finding friends on that." .
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