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From: xlgirls

Tits, Ass & Creampie

"Come and get it," Adriana Avalon's date-mate Tony tells her as they chill out on the couch in XL Girl's "green room." She's dressed in a red floral-print robe, a red slip and red heels. They've been getting chummy for the past hour and now the camera's turned on for action. They do an exploratory feel-up, he on her big, 46-inch tits, she on his junk, squeezing his bulge. They're hot for each other. He stands and drops his jeans and begins feeding her his tool. It tastes good to her as he sticks it in and out of her mouth. She looks very ready for happy time on that couch.

Adriana makes eye-contact with the camera, her fuck-date's dick moving between her lips. The sight of a big-boobed woman with a cock in her mouth is a sight no man ever gets tired of looking at. Adriana gets on her knees on the couch and sucks him hands-free, still staring into the camera and making lip-smacking sounds as he fucks her mouth. Her tits must not be neglected and must be fucked too. She kneels and… Read More »
Featuring: Adriana Avalon and Tony D'Sergio
Date: October 12th, 2020
Duration: 23:50

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