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From: xlgirls

Hottie Holly

As we open the Holly Jayde show, the camera locks in on her pretty face. "Oh, baby, I'm so glad you're here today. I want to suck on your cock," Holly says. Pointing a finger at her open mouth, Holly says, "It's going to go right here. I want all of your cum in my mouth right here." Holly opens her sensuous mouth wide for emphasis.

Now a lot of cameramen would have dropped their gear all over themselves after hearing Holly's nut-stirring invitation but our guys are made of sterner stuff. Too much is riding on them.

Holly's wearing a low-cut blue top that shows her sexy and soft 38DDD flesh mounds. She kneads and squeezes her sweater cannons and is very chatty as she does this. You can tell that this luscious morsel is proud of her big tits.

Holly's stunt cock arrives and she begins kneading his junk and asking him if he's going to cum in her mouth. They play with her tits and, still dressed, and sitting on the bed with her bare tits spilling over her top, Holly leans forward and… Read More »
Featuring: Holly Jayde and Juan Largo
Date: February 22nd, 2021
Duration: 22:12

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