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You Fuck Me? I Fuck You!

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From: 40somethingmag

You Fuck Me? I Fuck You!

Note to men everywhere: If your sexy wife is home alone, sitting around waiting for you and all dressed up in sexy lingerie, aching to have her pussy stuffed with cock, DO NOT STAND HER UP. DO NOT CALL HER WITH SOME BULLSHIT EXCUSE ABOUT WORKING LATE. Especially if she's a hot-blooded Latina like Valery Lopez. That phone call pisses her off, so what does Valery do? No, she doesn't run up to her room and rub one out. She grabs the first guy who comes along and practically tears his clothes off. Gentlemen, all we can say about this lady! By the way, we're saving the best part for last: In this video, Valery speaks Spanish, and about the only word we understand is "fuck." We understand perfectly, however, when she's sucking cock like a hungry wolf and screaming when she's getting fucked. As videos go, this is one of the best. Read More »
Featuring: Valery Lopez and Levi Cash
Date: May 6th, 2009
Duration: 19:52

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